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Welcome to 6X Innovation Ltd

6X Innovation is a design and innovation consultancy with a clear emphasis in providing innovative solutions to new or existing products and systems.6x Innovation is passionate about introducing, educating and promoting innovation in the UK. We don't apologise for using the word INNOVATION many times throughout our website, as it is so fundamental to the long term viability and profitability of every business in the UK. We practice what we preach and have been involved in many patents over the years. Our own products follow the design principles we live by.

6Xi Design Services
Whether you are an individual or a multi-national, we area pleased to offer a comprehensive set of design and engineering services. Decades of experience allows us to work across the board from initial concept, 3D design, 2D drawings, through to prototyping and small scale manufacture. Along the way we can help with analysis, material and supplier selection, patent preparation and much more.

6Xi Products
Our first product is an innovative golf putting accessory called the PlayaPutt. This amazing product simulates a real golf hole, so you can play or practice anytime, anywhere.

We have many other ideas in the pipeline and are currently working on several projects - watch this space!

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